Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Saturday turned into a much needed girl’s day for me and my best friend. We already had appointments to go and get massages, then we decided that we needed further pampering (or at least, our toes did) and found a cute little place to get pedicures. The place was noisy and crazy busy and the two of us just sat back and took it all in, having fun people watching. I think the owner of the shop was concerned that we were uncomfortable, but that wasn’t it, we were just mellow from our massages and enjoying sitting back and watching everyone.

After our toes were all prettified, we got great take out for dinner and just enjoyed our time together. I think all women need that, a day with their best friend to just do something relaxing, or fun or crazy. We get so tired up in our own lives that we forget to make time for each other. My best friend and I talk each and every day, at least once, usually multiple times. But we don’t actually see each other often. Which is sad, we live 15 minutes away from each other.

So my pledge is to start having more girl time, more girl fun with my best girl friends. Cause ultimately, who’s there for you when you are in crisis, they are. Don’t get me wrong, your family is there too, at least mine is. But it’s my girls that help keep me sane. They get me motivated to get out of the house, to go to the gym, to go listen to some great live music, to enjoy some relaxing spa time (ok the spa wasn’t quiet, it was noisy but we did relax), to enjoy good food and each others company.

So on this rainy gray day here in New England, remember your girl friends, remember to make time for them and yourself. You deserve it!


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