Yoga, Pilates….You want me to do what?

My nutritionist, actually she’s more than that, she’s more of a coach, so I’ll just call her that on here. My Coach recommended that in addition to changing some things with my diet, and the three days a week that I work out at the gym that I should add something else. Something to confuse my muscles and shake up the routine.

I didn’t know that muscles could be confused or that they needed to be confused, but ok. I’m all for confusing my body and playing tricks on it.  So now it’s deciding on something else to do, yoga, pilates, Zumba, swimming, etc, etc.

My gym doesn’t have a pool and it’s too freaking cold outside for swimming in New England right now, so that’s off the list. I checked out the classes available at my gym and they have a couple of yoga classes, Zumba and 2 different types of pilates classes. One’s called Bender Ball Pilates and the other is Piloxing. Where do they come up with these names? It just sounds funny. I understand that (after reading the description on the classes) Bender Ball Pilates is strengthening the core muscles and you use a ball and there’s balance involved. But it still sounds funny. Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and Boxing.

So my BFF and I are going to try a yoga class and Bendar Ball Pilates. The pilates class could be amusing for the other participants. I tend to trip over my own two feet and have no sense of balance, and I’m going to balance myself on a big round ball during an exercise class. I see comic relief for the other class members, that’s ok, I’ll laugh too.



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