Growing up I lived in the house that went bump in the night. We grew up with ghosts, knowing they were there, sometimes catching an occasional shadow around the corner, things mysteriously being moved when no one was in the room, noises from other areas where no one was. To me that was normal, that was what I grew up with.

My mom’s family has Clairvoyance that has been passed down through the generations. So I guess you’d consider us “sensitive” to the things that go bump in the night. No, I can not tell the future. I don’t know the winning lottery numbers (although, I really wish that I did).

As I’ve grown older, I’ve lost loved ones and they give me little clues that they are around, watching over me. I love that, I love knowing that they are still with me even though their gone, that they check in on me. What I’m not crazy over is the ones that I don’t know. I work in a building that has crazy spirit energy. I see shadows all the time, I get tapped on the shoulder when no one’s there and yesterday one of them called my name and scared the bajeezus out of me.

It’s one thing to hear Nana or Grampa call my name (which they never have, that I remember anyways) they love me, would never do me any harm. It’s a completely different thing to be sitting here in the middle of the day in my office with no one else nearby and hearing a deep male voice call out your name. It’s freaky and a little scary.


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