So my baby girl is living in TN. I’ve made it through the first week and I even started to change her room into an office/meditation area. But first I needed to clean in there.

Let me preface this, I had long ago given up trying to clean my daughter’s room. Every time I did it, I needed 2 full days to go through it and only when she wasn’t there, otherwise she would interfere and there was no getting it done. So the last time that I had cleaned her room was when she was 15, when she still went to her dad’s every other weekend and I could do it when she was gone.

So when she packed up and moved, I actually thought her room was empty, my mom had helped her pack, so I thought a little light cleaning would be all that was needed. I was wrong. My daughter’s decorating style included using masking tape to attach random things to the walls. Things like latex balloons, crepe paper streamers, movie tickets, etc. The balloons deflated and she still kept them taped to her closet door molding. They got really old, they basically kind of melted to the molding. What didn’t melt, disintegrated when I tried to remove it. 

My question again is…really?? That was necessary?? Sometimes I would really like to know what goes through the mind of kids these days.

I’m done venting. On a positive note, I do have my desk moved into the room, and I’ve started my next 2 classes for school and I’ve started doing graphic design work for a friend of mine. This is all keeping me very, very busy. I don’t have any free time. Why did I think that because Tiff had moved that I would have all this free time? 


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