Insanity Inspired

Its been a while since my last post, my life has gotten busier since my daughtermove to TN. I really thought that when she moved I’d have all this spare time,but that really hasn’t been the case ar all.

First I’ve started doing graphic design work for a friends business. That has kept me really busy, but I’ve loved every second of it. It’s great experience and could lead to a full time job with her in the future.

Then my friends have been amazing, keeping me busy and distracted when I needed it the most. I even took a trip to Coney Island with my amazing best friend. Neither of us had ever been, it was great fun. We saw a drag queen burlesque show, some very interesting people watching and a sans sculpture contest on the beach.  It was a blast.

This past weekend I eccentially locked myself in my apartment and cleaned all weekend. I feel so much better now that a lot of the clutter is gone. Though the cat hair is a little out of control. My beautiful Maine Coon cat sheds entirely too much. I vacuumed 4 times in 2 days and still can’t get rid of all the cat hair on the carpet.

My insane cleaning spree (it really was insane) inspired the artist in me. I’ve done 3 paintings tonight, I’m going to hang the in my office. There’s no art work there at all and I’m thinking that if I dress up the walls a bit it will help inspire me at work.


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