Princess Cleo

There once was a Princess named Cleo. She was a very sweet girl, who thought she would melt if she went out in the rain. Sounds like the beginning of a story you’d make up to tell your children to put them to bed, right? Well Cleo is actually a boxer. A very sweet one that is sick. But she’s not just any old dog. She belongs to my best friend, Vickie (yes my best friend has the same first name, but spelled differently) and Cleo along with her brother Gunther hold very special places in my heart.

Princess Cleo

Isn’t she cute? How can you not love that face!

Vickie doesn’t have any children, her dogs have been her kids. And they are amazing personalities. Cleo is definitely the princess, who thinks that she will melt in the rain. Gunther is the protector, but he’s also a mush and loves to snuggle.

Cleo has had her share of scares over the years. I think it was within the first year that Vickie and her boyfriend had Cleo that she was hit by a mini van. She survived and they were able to put her back together. She’s got some metal holding her together but she pulled through like a trooper.

Three years ago, Cleo developed a heart condition called cardiomyopathy with tachycardia. They predicted she may only live another year. She’s proved them wrong, with medication she’s been doing great.

This summer she has developed a tumor on her leg. It started small but has grown. Gilbert (yes, Vickie named the tumor, we are silly and name inanimate objects) has gotten to the size of a really big golf ball and is on the verge of rupturing. If it does, then Cleo will have to be put to sleep.

So within the next two weeks Cleo is going to have surgery to remove Gilbert. But in order for her to have the surgery, she needs to have a complete heart work up completed first because of her heart condition. This is expensive.

Gunther, Cleo’s brother, had surgery on his knees a while ago and Vickie just finally got done paying for that and finished paying for Cleo’s outstanding medical bills. She was all caught up. Not she needs to come up with almost $3,000 for Cleo’s life saving surgery.

Cleo and Gunther

Cleo and her brother, Gunther. They are two peas in a pod.

I’m going to do something I have never done and probably will never ask again. I’m asking for donations for the “Save Cleo” fund. I created an account through a site called Chip In, that allows people to help each other out. Every little bit helps, if you could donate 50 cents, or a dollar, that would be great. And please pass this story along. Please help save Princess Cleo.


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