Bit of Emotional Release

I’m coming up on my 19th year of remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have a good friend going through cancer treatment and a family member that is dying from cancer, so it’s pretty much assured that my own treatment is heavy on my mind these days.

I’ve been thinking about my savior a lot lately. No, nothing spiritual, the doctor that saved my life with the experimental treatment. I’ve been wondering where he is, if he went back to Greece, if he was still at Dana Farber, if he was still doing research. I finally Googled him.

I found him in seconds. Why I didn’t think of doing that sooner, I have no idea. I’m on the computer everyday, for work, for school, I should have searched for him before. He is no longer with Dana Farber but another major Boston hospital. He’s still doing research but also seeing patients too.

I was inspired after finding him. I sat down and wrote a short letter thanking him. I know he’s a doctor, he doesn’t expect a thank you. Heck I don’t even know if he’s going to remember who I am, but that’s ok. It was good for me to sit down and write to him. It felt good. Maybe it’ll even brighten his day when he gets the letter.

Whether I ever hear back from him or not, I feel good because I was able to say thank you to him, something I don’t think that I ever did years ago.


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