Touch of Comedy for your Week

This has just been one of those weeks. It’s been hot and muggy this week. Entirely too hot to sleep in my bedroom where there’s no A/C, so since Sunday I had been sleeping on my couch. On Wednesday, I got a window A/C unit, nothing big, just one of the little 5000 BTU units, only weighs 35-40 pounds. No problem. On my way home from work, I stop and get an amazing hot stone massage and I’m all relaxed. Then I think great, I’ll go home and install my a/c.

Bad idea. First, I didn’t realize that you have to put the accordion things on the sides of the a/c or screw in that little lip thing on the top of it. So I did that, then I picked the worst window to put the a/c into. The one that gives me a hard time when I try to close it. The one that I have to pull down on it from the top.

Can you guess what happened? I bet you can. Yup, my brand new a/c unit went out the window. And I pulled the dummy move of trying to catch it by the cord. Cord staying in my hand and the a/c was laying there on the ground. Thank god I only live on the first floor. It was completely like something out of an “I Love Lucy” episode. Looking back on it, I can laugh, but I was so mad when it happened.

Not my a/c, but you get the idea

I was able to return it and get a new one. That one is still sitting in my car waiting for my brother to come and install it for me. I obviously can’t be trusted with that task.

But being all relaxed before exerting yourself like that is not the best idea. My muscles hurt through my back and arms because of the exertion and trying to catch the a/c. Years ago, I used to have this blue gel stuff called Mineral Ice. It worked great sore muscles. A couple months ago I was at the pharmacy and couldn’t find Mineral Ice, but I found what I thought was the equivalent in a store brand. I was wrong.

I put this blue stuff on my back, the back of my neck and my upper arms. At first it felt awesome, then in a matter of minutes, I felt like I was on fire from the inside out. Then I was all about trying to wash this stuff off to make the burn go away. I’m running through my house, stripping off clothes, turning on the shower to ice cold water and it’s not helping. It’s trapped in my skin, it’s been absorbed.

Yup, that’s how my back felt

10-15 in an icy shower helped. Realistically, I just had to wait for the stuff to wear off. That’s been my week, looking back, I can completely laugh at it all and shake my head and say “I can’t believe that all happened”. I hope that I gave you something to laugh at and maybe make you realize your week wasn’t as bad as you thought it was 🙂


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