Time for Change

It’s fall and it finally feels like fall. The mornings are dark and chilly, I actually had to turn on the heat in my apartment last night, and of course the leaves are in glorious fall colors. So I was inspired for a bit of change for myself.

I’m naturally a brunette, in my early 20’s I started coloring my hair red because my daughter is a red-head and I got tired of constantly answering the questions of where she got the red hair. A couple of years ago I decided to stop coloring my hair, I mean it wasn’t necessary, I didn’t have any gray or white hairs to cover up. So I let my natural color shine back through and all the color grow out.

A couple months ago I started noticing a small patch of white hairs, not a couple of hairs here and there, an actually patch of white hairs right at my forehead. It’s been bugging me, so this past weekend I finally broken down and bought a pretty light auburn color. I figured there was no need to go full on red, just auburn so that I’d have more highlights and still keep my brown undertones. Oh boy was I wrong, for that matter the box was wrong.

Have you ever looked at a box of hair color in the store? Typically on the side or on the top they show what the starting hair colors is (like blonde, brown and black) and then what it will look like with the color added. The box lied. My hair is now similar to a candy apple red color. I’ve tried to take pictures to capture the color but so far I haven’t found the right lighting to do it justice as to how crazy this color is.

I could be really mad and upset and frankly devastated over the color, but instead I think I can rock this candy apple red color. I’m going with it. It’s almost Halloween, I’ll fit right in, right?

The funny thing is when I was in work last week my hair was dark brown, this week it’s candy apple red and not one person has said a thing to me about the color change. I have to laugh about this a little bit and wonder am I the topic of conversation around the water cooler or are they really that oblivious that they haven’t noticed? Either way, I’m still happy that I have a little bit of fall inspired change.


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