Beautiful Soul

Today the world lost a beautiful soul. When I first met him, he scare the hell out of me. He was intimidated and cocky and thought he was the king of the castle. Over time I came to know his as sweet, caring, love bug. He was one of my favorite snuggle buddies.

Sweet Gunther


No, I’m not talking about a man, but a dog. And he wasn’t my dog, but my best friend’s dog. You hear the term “fur baby” for those whose pets are like their children. Well Gunther and his sister Cleo are definitely my best friend’s fur babies, but they are also my niece and nephew. I’ve run out of my house at crazy hours to help take them to the doctor. I’ve made time to let them out before their mom got home from work. I stay and hang out with them on weekends so their mom could get away for much needed down time.

These weren’t my dogs, but I am very attached to them both. I’d sleep on an air mattress on the floor when I stay there, so that we can all snuggle together. Cleo would go and sleep in her own bed, but Gunther would always snuggle.

This dog would genuinely smile. He could be in incredible pain, but he’d want to make sure you were ok and give you kisses. This dog went from being scary and kind of a jerk to being an amazing, sweet, gentle soul.

I’m not a religious sort, but today I have a candle burning to help guide Gunther’s way home. Rest in peace buddy, you’ll be missed and definitely not forgotten.


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