Finding the Happy

Everyday at work, I have music playing, typically it’s just the radio, sometimes it’s a playlist on my phone, sometimes it’s Pandora or iHeart Radio. But there is always music playing in my office. It helps the day go by faster, makes me more productive and helps to inspire me.

The other day the radio station that I listen to was talking about the top Disney songs of all times and I realized that I missed listening to these songs. I was inspired to see if I could get Pandora to create a station of Disney music for me, which it did. I’ve been listening to the sounds of my childhood and of raising my daughter.

What I realized today is that in listening to this, or even at Christmas listening to Christmas carols, is that it’s really hard to be stressed out listening to Disney tunes. So my theory is to keep listening to Disney during this very stressful month to see if it continues to help me “find the happy” and stay stress free. So far it’s helping.

What helps you find your Happy?


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