Too Old for High School Drama

What do you do when you work with people that insist on behaving like high school girls? I work for a large company that has multiple divisions. In my office space we have 2 different divisions. I work for one and most of the other people here work for the other. My office is located off to the side, out of the way and it’s quiet (most of the time).

So for a long time when I didn’t get invited to the group lunches or get togethers, because I work for the “other” division. Then that changed and they started including me. It was great, for a year and a half or so I was always included. Then every now and again I’d get excluded because I was forgotten.

Then it started happening more frequently. I’d say something and would it would be shrugged off like oh well. One of the ladies I’m really close with, we talk all the time. I let her know that it was bothering me and she told me that she mentioned it to the others but no one really said anything or owned up to anything.

So, I started eating lunch on my own, reading a book, going and doing errands, having quiet time and I’m so much happier. But now the gossip has started, “why isn’t she having lunch with us anymore?” “Does she think she’s better than us?” “She must just hate us.”

I opt to spend my lunch hour the way that I want, quiet and drama free. But because I don’t want to put myself in a position to be excluded and ostracized now I’m the issue and the problem. Let me state here, these people that I’m dealing with are old enough to be my parents. They should know better.

I’m sorry, if you treat me like crap, I’m not going to take it. I’m not the type to get confrontational, so I just withdraw and do my own thing and try to stay out of the gossip but this has been going on for quite a while it’s getting to me. I needed to vent about it.

Thanks for reading, any suggestions would be great!